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    Located in Calgary, Alberta
    Phone: (403) 921-7427
    Email: shahrazad@telus.net
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    "Two left feet, no rhythm, can’t carry a tune, but I love Lina’s dance classes. I’ve miraculously learnt some new dance steps, have increased my shoulder mobility, [and] strengthened my core thanks to Lina’s patience and dedication. An added benefit for me is less trips to my physiotherapist!"

    Rachel F - Dance student

    “Lina’s classes are always fun and she teaches in a way that really makes it “sink in”. I had been belly dancing for 6 years when I took her fundamentals classes to brush up on the basics. She really helped me to understand where the movements are coming from & her breakdown of the muscles used helped my dancing to improve in leaps & bounds.”

    Angie A – Member of the Nazirah Belly Dance group.

Welcome to Shahrazad, School of Middle Eastern Dance

Middle Eastern Dance, Belly Dance or Raqs Sharqi, has been gaining popularity in Europe and North America as a new, exciting approach to physical activity and fitness. It emphasizes co-ordination, body awareness, rhythm and posture which promotes a fun, beautiful and energetic approach to being active.

Come dance in a positive, encouraging, and professional learning environment!

What's New?

Lina is on Maternity leave

Check back in the new year for updates

Sketch of Shahrazad (Scheherazade), called "The Sultan Pardons Scheherazade" by Arthur Boyd Houghton.

Shahrazad is the famous story-teller from the "Arabian Nights" or "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights" literary classic.